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Livi Nick's Book Collection

All Over Again BOOK
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All Over Again.For Real THIS Time

Lauryn and James were the best of friends on high school and in college; they even planned to go to law school together. When tragedy occurs, James turns crack as his comfort and Lauryn hasn't seen nor heard from him. Ten years later, only by God do they cross pathways again. Lauryn works as a partner in a prestigious law firm and has established a church nearby; James is a local crackhead looking for a way out. With the help of his old best friend, some twists and turns, and God, James gets it right THIS time.

Through The Lenses BOOK
Through The Lenses

This collection of poetry depicts the many random thoughts and different facets that all make me. This is my life, the way I see it...through the lenses.

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Brain to Mouth to Paper

In this compilation of original quotes, phrases, and short stories I hope you stumble upon something that resonates with you enough to move forward...or to at least let that thought go from brain, to mouth, to paper, and beyond. It is also my hope you would share your resonance along with these other quirky words and tales with your loved ones.

From First Sight: Lauryn's Story

In the warped whirlwind of trials and tribulations of James, you learned them in the eyes of and with Lauryn. THIS... is Lauryn's story.

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